Saturday April 25, 2009

**applause** and **confetti** and **huge hugs** and **lingering kisses**
are all for my amazing, diligent, honorable, patient, serving, loving, delightful husband.

He was just offered a new job!! I am so proud of him. He probably will start in a couple of weeks, and he is delighted by the prospect that he not only expects to be able to provide well for his family, but also that God is very kind in providing him with a job that he will enjoy.
Wow. A Christian company. Near our home. In a position that almost seems tailor-made to suit Steven.
God is so good. And we are so thankful.
Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow!!

I love you, Steven. Thank you for always providing for us, in so many many many ways. xxx

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  1. God is SO very good to you and Steven! I’m so happy for you all and so happy that the job is practically tailor made for Steven and Christian too! What a blessing! 

    Love ya,


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