Saturday July 5, 2008

Pics of a few summer events…

Baby Shower for us! Even Great Grandma (from CA) and Grandma (from NC) made it! 

 Gabriel’s baptism, praise the Lord!

We had a family celebration and Baptismal Feast, with lots of family pictures!

My little firecracker enjoyed his first 4th of July! Lots of decorations, colorful clothes, yummy food, & lots of croquet.

This is my very American little boy… and his super-adorable “Weebok” sandals!

3 Replies to “Saturday July 5, 2008”

  1. Those pictures really show all the fun you’ve been having! 🙂
    It looks like you had a good Independence Day together and a fun baby shower too.
    I really like that picture of your little family together.
    I’m curious about something… you can email me if you’d like) .I’m wondering on what you believe concerning baptism?
    You mentioned Gabriel’s baptism. Do you believe in infant baptism alone? Is it more of like a dedication to the Lord? What about when the child is older and can fully understand salvation and accepting Christ? Will the child then be “fully immersed”/baptized around the time of accepting Christ?
    I’ll be glad to share my beliefs concerning this topic as well.
    Thanks for sharing the pics!

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