I have often thought about the significance of Saturday. The day between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. The day of limbo. Waiting and wondering. Stuck between the shock of Friday’s death and the shock of Sunday’s life. A day of the unknown.

I’ve frequently felt like my life is a record repeating the chorus of Saturday. The grief keeps coming and the resurrection hasn’t surprised me yet. Death continues to come, but new life hasn’t. Stuck in Saturday: uncertain of what’s ahead. Lots of waiting and wondering. Feeling like life may forever be in the realm of “limbo.” Feeling shocked and numbed by the death that just surprised us.

One of my friends, who I have never met in person but who I have prayed for/with for a year and a half now across a three thousand mile distance, wrote an article that so beautifully, succinctly, and accurately captures the feeling of being stuck in Saturday. She says it so much better than I could.

“Saturday begins when the worst pain is behind you, but a throbbing ache has taken its place. When the sun dares to shine, but your world is still dark. When the abuse is in the past, but not the hurt and shame. When you are no longer hemorrhaging, but neither are you healed. When the rest of the world expects you to be over it, but you’re not.”

Click here for the full article; you will be blessed.

May the Lord be with you today on the Saturday which reminds us of the Saturday His disciples and His family endured & grieved indescribably, when His enemies gloated and His opposers rejoiced ~ but no one knew what was coming. Nobody knew. May our Resurrected Lord remind you today to remember that limbo. And to look ahead not with doubt and fear but with hope and faith, for He does all things well. And living in the post-Resurrection era, we have the blessing of seeing and knowing that to a glorious extent.

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