Servanthood in The Thick of It

Just when I think I’m too stressed to serve,
too needy to meet another’s needs,
too empty to give again,
I catch a glimpse of Jesus, the night before His crucifixion.
He knew His time had come and what was ahead.
The pressure must have been enormous and the stress overwhelming.
He had every reason and right to focus on His own suffering,
to expect others to tend to His pain.
And what did He do?
He washed His disciples’ feet.

~Nancy Guthrie, “The One Year Book Of Hope,” pg. 253

What a good & timely reminder this is! May I be given grace by God to serve endlessly in the name of Christ, no matter what muck I am personally wading through. May I, by bearing His name, also bear His servanthood.

3 Replies to “Servanthood in The Thick of It”

  1. Beautiful servanthood… thank you for sharing!
    BTW, I got this book of PaperBackSwap last night! 🙂

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