Some fall delights

Apples from a local orchard… Pine needles in the backyard… Pumpkins in our garden… Candles for our babies… The well drilling truck on our property… Playing in septic perk holes… Playing at the park… Walking through crunchy leaves…

These are some of our fall’s delights! Thanks be to God.

We have a couple blood draws, an important ultrasound, and likely more traveling for medical treatment this week. Please pray with us for God’s grace this week, as we continue to seek His delights in our life all around us.
And especially as we beg Him to show mercy to our Hosanna-Baby!

4 Replies to “Some fall delights”

  1. oh, looks like way too much fun! I think Gabriel’s smile is enough to brighten anyone’s day 🙂
    I’ve been praying for you and baby. Hoping you’re able to stay off your feet and relax during this time.

  2. Gabriel’s hair shouts “Autumn” to me! 🙂
    Hurray for the ground breaking on your property…. we know about those septic perk holes… all too well! Thankfully, that is all taken care of now though!
    Praying for you and baby Hosanna. Praying for strength and God’s grace. Praying for mercy.
    Safe travels, dear!

  3. The crisp autumn days have arrived! =) loved seeing Gabriel have fun with the wheelbarrow. We were not lucky to get apples on our trees this year, but my aunt shared some of her golden delicious with us and they were/are soooo good!
    Beseeching the Lord for His grace and mercy and protection for your little one; may your appointments go well and safe travels.

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