Some of the seasons blessings thus far

Asher Timothy turned two! We celebrated family-style with vehicle themed decorations and activities and food, and a milk bar to boot.

My Thanksgiving blessing boy, two years old!!


After a relaxing “jammy day” as a family (complete with sweet potato cheesecake for lunch!!), we had a lovely birthday-Thanksgiving celebratory feast out at one of our very favorite places. What delight!This year's Thanksgiving blessing was that the holiday landed on Steven's birthday! We celebrated in high style and great deliciousness, and took my parents out with us to add to the joy!

And while we seek to bring some tangible realities and especially joyful activities into our family’s routine during Advent this year, here we are, setting out on a family hike around our property at the end of which we victoriously dragged a 12-foot-tall pine tree into our home to deck with lights, sparkle, and bobbles.
Our first Advent outing this year involved a tree hunt in our "backyard" forest while it snowed! Perfect.

What are some of the ways you are bringing Advent “to life” this year in your home??
Besides decorations, we’ve got Advent calendars, chocolates, readings and Bible stories, candle lighting each Sunday, Sabbath meals with family at which we sing boisterously (perhaps, after all, there will someday be a family band… because we’re already showing fruit!), plans to have people over for more singing and eating of good food, gifts for the kids, and continual talking about Jesus and His birth and His life and His death and the redemption He accomplished and so. much. more.!
What blessedness this is, to use these things to remind one another of the bigger glories at work through God’s redemptive plan and the material things He bestows upon us as well.
And what joy to have a generation after us to be teaching about all of this. I’m so humbled by that.

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to Asher!!
    I loved hearing about your Thanksgiving/Asher’s birthday/Joyful Activities as of late! 🙂
    And that family band… how awesome that would be.
    God is good to keep teaching us, humbling us and guiding us along our life paths.

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