Sunday April 11, 2010

The challah I made for Easter dinner. So good! And I have a second loaf in the freezer. 🙂

The feast!

Playing outside and doing their first Easter egg hunt (with empty eggs, haha).

Did I mention that Noah & Hannah got handmade wooden carts for their birthday from Grandpapa? So we had all three carts, and let the kids have races together. Mostly, though, Hannah likes to be pushed by Gabriel; Pretty funny.

On an impromptu ice cream date with Mommy & Daddy after we went to the mall so Daddy could buy some clothes, and Gabriel could ride the escalators (over and over…) with Mommy. 🙂

Coloring, one of Gabriel’s new enjoyments.

Steven & I went on a date (the broadway show tickets were my birthday gift from him!) last evening.

3 Replies to “Sunday April 11, 2010”

  1. you dressed your little man SO cute on Easter! He looked extremely handsome
    I love the picture of him pushing Hannah around in the cart – adorable.

    Your date night sounds like way too much fun too!!

  2. Loved the Easter photos…esp. the ones of the little Bennetts and Cummings   Gabriel’s hat is adorable too!

    And you too look pretty and handsome for your date! ;o)~Jaclynn

  3. Ah, you know that I always enjoy photos!! The kiddos are soooo adorable!! All dressed up 🙂

    (You have the cutest family ever!) You and Steven look so nice dressed up for the show.~S

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