Tangible Love

God is good to give us tangible love through His body while He holds our chins up above the rising waters:

  • flowers, including enough peruvian lilies to fill three vases ~ and the card wasn’t even signed! (although I have an inkling…)
  • the candlelight prayer vigil.
  • a gift bag from families at church, filled with edible goodies, kind notes, sweet candles, a cozy blanket, a gift card, Gideon Bibles placed in Hosanna’s honor, etc.
  • roses and palm branches (palm for Hosanna) arriving on our doorstep.
  • meals, because while I don’t even really feel like eating, we have to.
  • a book (again, I don’t even know who sent it) on suffering and pain in the Christian life.
  • cards, emails, messages ~ reminding us that the saints continue to uphold us in prayer.

Thank You, God for comforting us and for giving us people who are willing to be Your arms, Your feet, Your hands, Your shoulders. We need You. And we need Your people, Your body.

4 Replies to “Tangible Love”

  1. Thanks be to God for causing His body to be faithful to you! It’s wonderful to hear that His hands are reaching, His arms are holding, His lips are praying for you!

  2. Praising the Lord for all the blessings at your doorstep!
    It’s encouraging to know so many are reaching out to you and pouring out His love.
    Hugs and prayers!

  3. There is such a quiet comfort in these tangible gifts. I remember vividly the gifts I’ve been given after our losses, and the feeling I would get when I would look at them. They are physical representations of the love of the saints…..those who love you and are storming heaven for you.

    I hope and pray that each little gift touches and heals your heart in some tiny little way.

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