The Savior Reigns… even in the public square!

Did anyone else see this flash mob? And was anyone else in tears, realizing that it’s just one more reminder that The Gospel can not be vanquished? Christ may not normally “be allowed” in public schools and national places, yet here is the United States Air Force band at The Smithsonian Museum singing about the reign of Christ!! (to which a big part of me wants to say, Eat That, Obama! :lol:) Jesus is the joy of man’s desiring! He is Wisdom! He is the brightest Love! They actually sang, at the top of their voices in a public place, JOY TO THE WORLD ~ THE SAVIOR REIGNS!!!

Oh man. Anyway.
Good stuff. :happytears:
Christ is King!!!!! Let all the world hear it! Let all peoples proclaim it! Whether they recognize what they’re proclaiming or not, God is using them as His mouthpiece to proclaim The Gospel! This is one little way I see every knee bowing, every tongue confessing… Jesus Christ is Lord!! (Philippians 2:9-11 and Romans 14:11) Amen.

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