Thursday August 13, 2009

Visionary Daughters. I’ve never linked to their site before, but I love this “what if…” response. If you are a grown daughter who was/is living at home under your father’s headship, or a parent who desires this for your own sweet daughters, this is worth a read.

Another site I check out occasionally, which often has links to other great sites with encouraging articles for young Christian moms. Here are some such links.

Although I think this website is probably far more modern evangelical than I’d like, it has some great little snippets like this one.

Remember that book I linked to about etiquette? I was clicking through it’s pages online, and I really loved two particular pages. One about etiquette in the home between parents and children, and another about what was expected of guests. You can tell by reading both of these how much cultural norms have changed over the last 120 years. But my question still remains, should they have changed??

I love this site for her creativity in homemaking and mothering.
And I love this site for product reviews and giveaways. 🙂 I even won some soap here a couple months ago! hehe.
This site is fun for her photography and her precious brood of sweet kids.
And here’s one where an older mama and her grown daughters share great insights and encouragement.

And then of course I always have to remind you of my two favorites here and here for encouragement in my spiritual walk. I’d leave you my mama’s email address for more of that too, but maybe I should ask her first. 😉

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  1. Checking out all of your great links…there are so many good ones now! I have been to Visionary Daughters before, I find some of it right on!


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