Thursday December 10, 2009

I have a new diagnosis – I have a somewhat rare autoimmune disorder that gives my babies only an 8% chance of survival without treatment.
Thus, I have new treatment – it’s called IVIg, where my blood gets infused via i.v. with a medicine made from about 1000 people’s plasma. This monthly (or so) treatment should give our babies at least a 50% chance to survive.
And also, my womb has a new tenant Baby Six has slipped in as secretly and quietly as Peace slipped out. Praise be to the Lord, who does all things well!

Please uphold us in prayer.
We are still in grief, and trying to plow in hope.
These next few days and weeks are very tentative and scary.
May God have mercy upon our family, and preserve Baby Six for life in the Kingdom on earth.
And may He use His gift of medical advances to enable my womb to care for this (and future) baby(ies).

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  1. Wow Melissa!  I check you blog regularly, but my Mom still broke this news to me this morning.  🙂  How surprised and happy I was to hear that they have found a diagnosis!  And that baby number 6 is growing!!  Congratulations to you and your family.  Praise the Lord for His goodness, and timing- that a diagnosis was found right as Baby #6 arrived!  I will be praying for your health as you start this new treatment, and of course for the health of your new baby.  God bless you!

  2. Thank you so much, ladies!!
    And yes, Krista, God’s timing is impeccable. We found out I was pregnant just a few hours before we found out about my autoimmune disorder! (I’m not sure which shocked me more, hehe.) And my father, God bless him, was able to pull strings to get the treatments started the very next day. Praise God! We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we praise the Lord for each day we have with our Baby Six.
    Thank you for your prayers, girls; they are priceless.

  3. Praying and hoping and petitioning the Lord for your 6th precious blessing!
    I can imagine you are in the middle of mixed emotions right now. Hope for the future yet still grieving deeply for Peace and all that has happened.
    But praise the Lord for His gift and for the treatment you are now receiving and just in time too! God doth all things well….
    You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!

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