Thursday June 5, 2008

…with his doting Uncle Colin

…in one of his handy-dandy cloth diapers

…with Mommy, right after his first bath

…already learning to suck his thumb

…in our backyard, in one of Mommy’s Moby wraps — she has two so far and is hoping to order a third!

…a close-up, since everyone asks to see his red hair — it’s his daddy’s shade!

One Reply to “Thursday June 5, 2008”

  1. Believe it or not, I had never heard of Moby wraps before; they are so cool!
    Have you ever heard of those things that you wrap babies up in for nap times?
    I can’t remember the exact name of them right now- Snuggle something or others? I’ve heard they REALLY help babies get comfortable and they’re good for when the babies get a little older and are sometimes fussy about laying down to sleep.
    BTW, Gabriel has Beautiful red hair!!
    Love ya,

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