Thursday March 27, 2008

My son has hiccups… for the third time today. I love it.

I made the most yummy, melt-in-your-mouth corned beef & cabbage for dinner tonight. The brine in which it crock-pot brewed for ten hours was exactly right. Mmm!

This evening during the men’s Bible study which meets weekly in our basement, I relaxed in bed with two books, my journal, and ice cream. The best part? No, it wasn’t getting caught up in my journal. No, it wasn’t loving every paragraph in “Praise Her In The Gates.” No, it wasn’t even reading sentences four times before understanding them in the Purtain book “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment.”
It was the fact that my bowl of ice cream balanced on my belly when I sat/slouched just so. 🙂

I think spring might finally be around the corner. Our yard is almost completely void of snow! There are little purple crocuses blooming all around the front yard! And this morning, a dozen tiny birds were scampering around the back porch when I opened the slider to let the dog out.

I am excited about Easter. My sister-in-law and I are doing all the cooking and set-up. But we’re hosting it at my parents’ house. Two couples from my church are joining us for the feast & celebration. So there will be ten adults, a ten month old, and two babies-in-bellies. I can hardly wait!! But I wonder… can such an early Easter (especially in the northwest) be graced with white shoes, white purse, sandals?!!

My husband looks adorable in green. Then again, he’s just plain adorable anyways.

I love homemaking, housewifeing, housekeeping — whatever you want to call it, I’m in love. Is this new fascination and love of these things related to nesting?? Or just to finally settling into passionate wifeyhood? 🙂

I like stream of consciousness posting. It makes me happy.
Especially when I use italics.

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