Thursday October 1, 2009

These have been gracing my table all week. Aren’t they delightful?! I am looking forward to harvesting seeds soon. I have always loved sunflowers, and these just cheer me up every time I look out the window or step out into the backyard. So pleasant.

Keep your face to the sunshine
and you cannot see the shadow.
It’s what sunflowers do.”
by Helen Keller

2 Replies to “Thursday October 1, 2009”

  1. I don’t think they were Monet’s. I mean, not that I know of. They all came from one package of seeds, called Evening Sunset, I believe.
    If you have extra seeds, I would plant them next year. I am going to try harvesting my sunflower seeds soon but I’ve never actually done it before. Assuming it’s fairly easy… I am harvesting my morning glory seeds right now and they’re a little trickier. 🙂

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