Tuesday June 23, 2009

Now rest beneath night’s shadow
The woodland, field, and meadow,
The world in slumber lies;
But thou, my heart, awake thee,
To prayer and song betake thee;
In praise to God arise.

The radiant sun hath vanished,
His golden rays are banished
By night, the foe of day;
But Christ, the Sun of gladness,
Dispelling all my sadness,
Within my heart holds sway.

Now all the heav’nly splendor
Breaks forth in starlight tender
From myriad worlds unknown;
Thus I shall shine in heaven,
Where crowns of gold are given
To cast before Thy throne.

Lord Jesus, who dost love me,
Oh, spread Thy wings above me
And shield me from alarm!
Though evil would assail me,
Thy mercy will not fail me:
I rest in Thy strong arm.

~Paul Gerhardt, 1648 (translation composite)

This is one of the goodnight hymns for our children. We sing it in harmony and it just feels heavenly.
I love resting in the knowledge that three of my children are casting golden crowns before the throne of God,
and that for those of us left behind, the mercy and strength of Jesus will not fail us. Amen.

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