Tuesday March 16, 2010

Today is my nephew Noah’s first birthday. It is also my niece Hannah’s first birthday.
Yes, the twins are one!
I made them these fun things for birthday gifts.

The crowns are my favorite, especially because Gabriel has a coordinating one. So I am envisioning the three of them playing dress-up someday, with two kings and a queen. Sounds like fun!
At any rate… now that the twins’ birthday has arrived, I am starting to think about Gabriel’s birthday. I know, I know — it’s two months away. But this mommy likes to plan ahead. I ordered his main birthday gift today, but I also want to make him a little something extra. I am going to make one of these felt “Happy Birthday” banners for the occasion. But what else? Hmm…
I’m thinking a Quiet Book is exactly right. It would be so nice to have during church, and other necessarily-quiet times.
Have any of you had Quiet Books? And even more to the point, have any of you made one before??
I had one as a child. This one looks very similar to it. I am trying to get ideas online, and was hoping to glean some tips or pointers before I start digging into the craft supplies. Click here to see five different themed Quiet Books; I am thinking it would be fun to incorporate some of the ideas from each of these that are seen here.
So anyway… if anyone has ideas or tips, feel free to chime in. Should I actually attempt and finish this project, I will share it with you at an appropriate time. 🙂 Just remember — I have two months!

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  1. I love the things you made!  What did you use for your crowns?  I made some for Christmas, but want to perfect them a little more.  I used felt, but think I need to “strengthen” it somehow… 

  2. @Krista – I used craft felt that I bought at JoAnn’s. It is a stiffer felt than the normal felt. Much better for things like the crowns and banner. It’s also less fuzzy, so it’s much easier to sew on the sewing machine (less jamming). I am starting to fall in love with felt crafts. 🙂 I have great plans for Christmas this year! 🙂

  3. Happy 1st Birthday to the twins! They are so cute and I loved the outfits you made them. And the quiet book looks like a neat idea. And would be fun to make.


  4. Happy 1st Birthday to Noah and Hannah; what a darling King and Queen they make 😉
    I love the idea of a quiet book. I remember we used to have some of those “quilted” type books or the soft plasticy types too.
    You are so creative!!

  5. you did a great job with those homemade gifts! I am very impressed. 

    Our kids each have a quiet book (Ethan and Rachel handed theirs down to Kara) and they always loved them. They don’t sit with us in church (never did) but Kara, being the Mama’s girl that she is, always sits with us in church and I have NEVER thought to bring the quiet book with us! I’ve always just brought regular books and then been frustrated at the loud page turning. I’m too slow I guess 🙂 
    Thanks for the suggestion! Also, 2 months is the perfect amount of time to plan and not be overly stressed. I’m a huge fan 🙂 
    Happy birthday to Noah and Hannah!! 

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