Tuesday May 26, 2009

Here are pictures from Gabriel’s big day. I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

L: Gabriel’s morning milk on his birthday, about an hour before he officially turned one. haha.
R: sitting on the table with presents!

L: I love his rosy cheeks. Oh, and the drool-soaked shirt too, since he was popping his fifth tooth on his birthday. 🙂
R: playing with a new toy from Grandpa and Grandma C – he loves it! He loves banging things with mallets, haha!

L: playing with one of those pop-up toys (I loved this when I was little, too) from Grandpapa and Grandmama. He can’t open them yet but he loves to close them.
R: playing with the beach ball from Daddy and Mommy.

L: posing with Grandpapa and the coolest handmade wooden contraption ever. You’ve gotta see this thing in person. 🙂
R: Gabriel got so sleepy with all the excitement! We made him stay awake for the party, presents, etc. but blankie was necessary. 🙂 Isn’t his balloon fun, too?

L: Colin and Noah, Mommy and Gabriel, Ashley and Hannah – hurray for cousins!
R: the twins, chilling out on a blanket.

L: Gabriel still won’t feed himself, which is fine with me. 🙂 Of course it makes for a much cleaner baby and easier clean-up! So I fed him his “bee” cupcake… he would’ve eaten the whole thing if I hadn’t shared it with him. 🙂
R: did I already post a close-up? Can’t remember. Well here it is again.

L: I think my boy likes chocolate!
R: poor Dilly, she’s been doing poorly since Thursday when apparently she got a slice on her tongue. She walks around with her tail down like this, unless my brother’s dogs are around or even my parents. She needs cheering up, poor girl. It’s hard to get food and water into her but we’re trying! Praying for her tongue to heal quickly too. Anyway… look at Gabriel walking with Grandpapa’s toy. It’s the perfect height and Gabriel will love to put things in his little push-cart to carry around. The three little balls (in front of Gabriel’s thighs, if you look closely) go up and down when you push the cart. Grandpapa even inscribed a Proverb (3:23? 10:9? I can’t remember, I will have to look!) on the bottom. So cool.

L: Gabriel walking around; trying to go uphill.
R: I decided Gabriel needed a ride in his push-cart. 😉

L: isn’t he precious?!!
R: me with my garden. I hope the squirrels stop digging around in it soon. But things are sprouting anyway, thank God! 🙂

below: while Gabriel napped and once the other guests had gone, we played croquet as a family. Mama and I took turns holding Hannah (gotta get some girl time!) while playing… needless to say I may have held her a little too much, and definitely came in waaaaaaay last in the game, lol.


5 Replies to “Tuesday May 26, 2009”

  1. I CANNOT believe the toy your dad made.  It is gorgeous.  Well done Dr. B!!

    Is this party at your house?  Do you guys have a really big yard?  It looks huge.

  2. I know, isn’t my dad just making the most awesome things? He loves his woodworking, that’s for sure. And we love the things he makes. 🙂
    Yes, the party was in our backyard. It is nice and big! We love it. The front yard is small, but the back yard makes up for it. Lots of grass (space for a swingset someday), big trees (a couple perfect for our hammock!), and then a separately fenced area for my garden. God is very good.
    Hope you are doing well! Love seeing the pics recently of sweet Moira.

  3. Great pictures Melissa, so fun to see Colin & Ashley and their babies too.  It looks like Gabriel had waaay too much fun on his birthday.  🙂

  4. *aww* Look at that big 1 year old carrot-top 🙂

    Such a cutie pie!! I love all the pictures; don’t think I could pick a favorite. 😉

    Though, that one where he is sitting on the table with drool on his shirt is stinkin’ cute! 

    He got some awesome presents! I love the wagon. Your Dad is SO talented!!!

    Your yard and garden looks great; I love the look of your place.

    Looks like you all had a wonderful, happy celebration. 

    Love ya,


  5. He looks like a little prince who fully enjoyed his first birthday! And the push cart is adorable.
    Yay for the garden, may it produce well for you this year!

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