5 Replies to “Tuesday May 27, 2008”

  1. In the 3rd picture he already looks so grown up! He definitely doesn’t look like a week old baby. I think that is my favorite just because it shows his face so well and his beautiful eyes. Great pictures Colin!

  2. hehe — I know, Krista, isn’t that funny? To be honest, he was only 50 hours old in that picture. I don’t know how Colin managed to capture that moment… just cuz he’s awesome, I guess. And because he is so in love with his nephew. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Melissa!  Your little guy is so adorable.  You guys both look great.  I actually think he kinda looks like Colin.  Your nursery is so sweet too – I like the yellow stripes.  Hope you are feeling well and recovering quickly!  Would you mind emailing me your home address sometime?  My email is [email protected].  Thanks, and take care.

  4. I LOVE number three, too.  What an amazing photo.  I am amazed.  Good job, Uncle Colin.  And, good job being so darn adorable, Gabriel!

  5. I love these photos!!!!! I received Gabriel’s pic in the birth announcement you sent me,too! Thank you so much! I smile every time I see it on my photo board=) Wow! Your brother did a great job! The pic of you kissing him in profile is so sweet!!!!!!!

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