Tuesday October 6, 2009

Gabriel was playing in the backyard with Mommy and Grandmama — we had a jolly time!

I love this shot. The blurred parts are great, and I love his face. Hehehe. *mwah!*

So then we dampened his fun be sticking him in Mommy’s pumpkin patch.

Which pumpkin shall I choose? Hmm, I think my first choice is the one with legs! lol.

Mommy showing Gabriel that pumpkins are actually pretty nifty creations.

Umm, okay. He trusts me on that one.

Finally a pumpkin smile! It’s not his best smile ever, but I’ll take it. 🙂

This boy loves sticks, and for some reason his favorite thing to do with them is tap the trees. 🙂
The End — obviously. lol.

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  1. Melissa I loved this post!  I love the follow-a-kids-life posts.  And can I just say that picture of when you moved him to the pumpkin patch was priceless?  You got that caption so right!  So many cute pictures in this bunch.  

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