Twelve more hours

In twelve hours, God willing, the U-Haul truck will be sitting in our driveway, ready to be filled with [most of] our earthly possessions! Crazy. Super duper incredibly insanely crazy.

Things are slowly falling into place. While we are “moving” tomorrow, we are not sure when we will be living there. It may be a few days yet, or we may just rush in and stay there right away. We’re playing it a little by ear, you could say. Thankfully my parents are next door and their guest room is all set up for us, so if we need to crash there, we are always welcome. What a blessing that is!

To think that this is our last night here in this house is surreal. I’ve lived here for 6 1/2 years. It’s the only place I have ever lived with my Steven or my Gabriel. It is the only house where all nine of my children have lived. It the house where seven of them have died. I have horrible memories here. And I have fantastically beautiful memories here. It is bittersweet to leave our home here for our new home. I can’t put it into words. As I sit here with bare walls, and rooms filled with boxes, I am reminded that my home is not here on earth. These things are all temporary, transitory. Thanks be to God for giving us homes and material things here on earth to make these temporary homes so enjoyable, so beautiful, so tangible! But also, thanks be to God for giving us the future and the hope of our eternal glorious home with Him and our complete family in heaven!

Here’s a sneak peek at a few rooms in our house today… and hopefully I can update with some “move” pictures soon!

Kitchen, kitchen eating area, stairway (and front door), master bedroom, nursery, guest bath.

And did I mention that there are about 8 inches of snow at our new house right now?!! Just to add to the insanity of this whole process….

6 Replies to “Twelve more hours”

  1. It is beautiful! I hope your moving goes smoothly. I understand the bittersweetness….I think about some of those things when contemplating our next move. But I know there will be so many new wonderful memories in your beautiful new home 🙂

  2. Wow, the house is almost finished!! And it’s gorgeous! I love the colors you chose. Your guest bath color is close to our bathroom color. I can imagine the feelings you’re going through right now are very bittersweet. Leaving a place that holds so many memories; joyful and sorrowful… it’s just hard to do!
    Makes me think about moving too… *sigh* Excited yet not quite sure how I’ll handle it all.

  3. Beautiful house! Don’t overdo today, momma! Enjoy feathering your new nest… 🙂 Remember, moving is a step-by-step, inch-by-inch process. It won’t get done in a day or a week or a month even. But it WILL get done! Enjoy the process… 🙂

  4. Beautiful!! And your kitchen! LOVE!! What happy times you are going to spend in there with your family! So understand the mixed emotions…but you will not be leaving anything behind…for all that you know and all that you love will be following you to your new home. Can’t wait to see new pics! Please please please take it easy my friend!

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