Vial Levity

Yesterday we had some blood drawn. My husband had four vials done, which may be the most he’s ever had at one time. I had 25, which is not the most I have ever had at one time.

In fact, when I saw the tubes divided into little containers (blood was being sent to four labs, and each lab’s vials were in its own container), I said to the lab lady who knows me by name (it’s just too much trouble to call her a phlebotomist), “is that all? I thought there would be more than that!” She thought I was crazy but I was totally serious.

About ten months ago I had 32 vials drawn at once, and it was scary to me at the time.

But now needles have become a habitual part of life for me. And getting my blood drawn is like child’s play.

So it’s just funny to me, seeing how my perspective has changed over the last year:
25 vials of blood? Eh, piece of cake! 😀

4 Replies to “Vial Levity”

  1. WOW! to think I thought having 8 done at one time was a lot. My goodness… your poor arms!

  2. Melissa, I just want to let you know that even through your heartache I am seeing such joy in your blog posts. And in that I am very encouraged.

    And a medical question: do they ever recommend you taking/eating iron when you have to give so much blood?

  3. @Charlotte- thanks, dear. While we are overwhelmed with grief, the joy of the Lord remains our strength. (Thank you for seeing Him in us!) Without Him, we would be drowning. But He is our Savior in many, many tenses! And yes, I eat beef and/or spinach the night before I have big draws like this, and drink at least a gallon of water. Then they always have crackers and juice on hand afterward at the lab. 🙂
    @Stef- the lab ladies always tell me I have the best veins (one of God’s graces, eh?). So my arms actually have more problems with the bandaid adhesive than with the needles! lol.

  4. Like Charlotte mentioned, I see joy in you too and the fact that you can be funny is amazing because amidst grief, I know that is hard to do!
    I hope the 25 vials are a big help in the long run… praying for you!

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