Wait ~ Christmastime?!

So it was snowing again this morning and Gabriel pipes up, it’s Christmastime!!!!

And it suddenly hit me. He’s RIGHT!!

I mean… wait a second… or hold on a tick as Gabriel likes to say, in the British quippy way…

Christmas is already here?! Didn’t our amazing Thanksgiving just happen?!

And shouldn’t the days slow down just a wee bit so I can drink in this newborn elixir to my drunken fill?! How can the holidays possibly be here and Advent already nearly past?!

So I hung our stockings. All FOUR of them. *happy tears*

And I have a couple Christmas towels and one Christmas pillow out. And a couple candles.

But tomorrow? I think tomorrow we may step into the backyard and cut down a tree. Literally twenty feet from our back door. And then I will march down to the basement and find some lights and ornaments. Because whether I had realized it or not, my three year old did and won’t stop reminding me: IT’S CHRISTMASTIME!!! 🙂

2 Replies to “Wait ~ Christmastime?!”

  1. Hurray hurray! 🙂 Children’s excitement is contagious. And yes, the elixir of new life must be incredible. 😀 big grin. I hope your Christmas is lovely!

  2. Excitement and blessings overflowing!! 🙂
    I keep thinking of you as a family of four and it makes my heart burst with joy!

    I had to laugh at “hold on a tick” and Gabriel saying that. LOL

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