Wednesday February 18, 2009

My handsome Gabriel David, all tuckered out.

Since he’s nine months this week, we finally bought a box of rice cereal! Gabriel was pretty excited for the first three or four bites… we’ll see how it goes after this. I also got some fruits and veggies to start making baby food too. Wheeee! A new mommying adventure begins. 🙂

My dad was being sneaky, and took pictures of Gabriel having his first communion on Sunday. He loved it! And he loves being able to participate even more. His favorite part of Sunday worship is the singing though. He “sings” right along, and everyone within five pews can hear him. 🙂

He was pretty excited when we visited Auntie and Uncle the other day.

This was the gourmet dinner my husband made me, complete with chocolates and candlelight, for Valentine’s Day. Woo hoo!! Go Husby, go!! 🙂

And the sweet & simple Valentine’s breakfast, courtesy of me. 🙂 Heart shaped pancakes and strawberry smoothies.

And these are Gabriel, enjoying his child-sized rocking chair from his great-uncle and fam. It sits beside the adult-sized wooden rocker in our living room now. So cute! and beautifully made, too.

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  1. I love that pic of Gabriel “laughing” with excitement at seeing Auntie and Uncle.
    It’s amazing how fast a baby changes because just a few weeks ago, I thought he
    looked so much like Steven. But now he is looking much more like you. Like a
    “mini-me” almost! What a cutie pie 🙂
    Yesterday while house-cleaning and helping a young family move, I got to visit with
    their little 4 month old. She’s a darling! Such a pretty smile and always happy and
    patient. I wish I could hold a baby every day 😉 Just having Madison hold onto my
    finger melted my heart… ♥
    It looks like you had fun Valentines Day together; the food looks yummy.

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