Wednesday July 29, 2009

Thanks for the prayers and sweet thoughts today!
We are praising God because our attempts to get things done at the clinic was finally successful today! God is good. He graciously ordained that all the bloodwork would get started today, that I would *not* pass out, that Steven would be able to go late to work, that I would also get another diagnostic procedure done today, and that everything would be done on time & no one was on vacation!! So happy, so thankful.
God is good, and now we continue to rest in His care as we await results. We are hoping for everything to be negative of course, but we’ll take it one result at a time.
Thank you for your continued care for us. God bless and keep you.

2 Replies to “Wednesday July 29, 2009”

  1. Good job! You are amazing! And I’m relieved for you, that you are done with that.

    I will be praying as you get your results back. Love you!

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