Welcome to my Garden

Most things in my garden are looking really well. Still waiting for the beans, squashes, cucumbers, sunflowers, and basil to come up. Everything else is sprouting and growing beautifully. I love my garden.

The little welcome sign my mom gave me this year (last year’s was broken), and Mercy’s little birdbath.

The garden gate, and the view of the garden from the garden gate.

Pretty, tidy little rows of onions and spinach!

Another side view of the garden, and a closeup at my little lettuce heads beginning to form! This is my favorite.

Valiant little rows of peas, almost ready to climb a fence; and a little cluster of carrots (that will need thinned soon).

Nicely spaced beets (however, they still need thinning – so I’ll pop the tiny greens in a salad); and my potato ditch! I’m growing Yukon Gold potatoes, which is very exciting for me. :)

I have found the garden to be some good therapy for me. Nobody stares at me while I weep out there. And I’m not hurting anything but weeds as I use all my body strength to whack at the dirt with my hoe.

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  1. Your garden is about the same as ours as far as height of the peas and greens and such. Though we did get a short row of lettuce in April (had it covered) and we’re enjoying it now 🙂
    It’s been so rainy here that we had to replant some beans and other things that either rotted or didn’t germinate.
    But the greens love the rain!

  2. What a beautiful spot! I love your garden, Melissa and am trying very hard not to covet. We live with a very small backyard so I struggle sometimes with being content with the space God has given me. Thanks for sharing your photos…I would love to see one taken in August!

  3. I love to see stuff growing and I’m sure it is as joyful for you or more so than it is for me. Yay for gardens! We’re enjoying some salads from ours now, mmm good!

  4. So pretty! I got to help get my mom’s garden started a couple weeks ago, but haven’t seen it since it was all being tilled and planted. I love seeing the tiny plants come up… and are legit recipients of the (much-overused) adjective ‘cute’ in my opinion. 🙂

    Yukon golds are one of my favorite potatoes, too; but I can’t quite decide between them and Red Pontiacs.

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