7 Replies to “Summer Sweetness”

  1. What fun to come over and see new photos of some of the cutest little boys. 🙂
    It blessed me to know that Tiny Ten is growing strong…great are His mercies!

  2. Hurray; new photos! 🙂
    Were some of these taken on your trip?
    And I’m blessed to know that Tiny Ten is growing and strong and healthy. Praise the Lord; great is His name!

  3. Love the pics! Rejoicing with you that tiny ten is growing strong!!!!!!!!!! =) God be praised!!!!!!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful summer,by the looks of it from the pics you are! ;p

  4. Hannah, we are continuing to pray for your entire family. Just wanted you to know. Beyond that, I’m mostly just speechless for you all.

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