Aging of a Room

As Gabriel is growing up, so is his room.
This last week we said goodbye to the nursery (possibly forever, although I pray we’ll get an excuse for a nursery again one day). It was really hard for me, but our little boy loves his new room. He has always loved his room, and I am thankful that he continues to love it as it ages with him.

Here’s a little photo timeline of how his room has aged and changed.

It started with paint and a little furniture (Jan 2008).

Then after a while it needed more furniture, made by Grandpapa (May 2008).

In recent months, it has included changing the way some of the furniture is used (2010).

And now it includes a new coat of paint, the loss of an area rug, replacing furniture, and all kinds of new textiles (Feb 2011).

I am working on two more decorative pillows, and one more piece of artwork for the wall. But his “new room” is pretty much complete. It’s so bittersweet. I love his excitement over it, and I know that eventually I will get past the pain of it.

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  1. these steps are always SO bittersweet and I imagine way more for you guys. Every time Kara says good bye to yet another baby stage, I feel a blubbering mess. I think they’re ready long before we are 🙂

    I love the way his room turned out!

  2. he looks so cute sitting on his bed! i love the new room, melissa. praying that you find joy and peace in the midst of this transition.

  3. I loved seeing the timeline from the time he was growing inside you until where he is today! 🙂
    His quilt is beautiful and I love the colors.
    Changing and moving on must be extremely difficult. =/
    Even for women who have many children, I know just seeing them grow out of the baby stage and become “big boys and girls” can be tough.
    Love you and thank you for the letter!

  4. I love the new room. I can understand how sad it was to let go of the old room. You look absolutely radiant in your pregnancy picture, just STUNNING! Praying you have a reason for a nursery again soon!

  5. It is beautiful, you’ve done a great job and Gabriel is looking like he loves it! And yet, I know how hard it must be for you to go forward in this direction and leave the nursery feel behind. *hugs* dear Melissa.

  6. Melissa, his room is beautiful! I love how you showed how it changed. Seeing our children grow up and into new stages is so difficult – you know what I mean.

  7. I love the new room, Melissa. How bittersweet. And I loved seeing the picture of you pregnant with Gabriel. Hoping and praying that you will be sitting in that same chair looking the same way soon.

  8. I love seeing all the stages! And Amanda is so right about the pregnancy picture – my sister and I were talking just yesterday about the fact that most pregnant women just GLOW. And because of that, you could tell them a mile away just from their faces; they radiate the love and life that’s nestled inside them.
    And as an aside thought, shouldn’t we as Christians be distinguishable as such? Shouldn’t we glow from the life that Christ has given us because of His love for us? Something for me to ponder on as I potter about my duties.
    Blessings to you and praying for you!

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