Another PAL Perspective

There is no denying that I have been nothing short of a walking pharmacy for the last few years. In the last few months (maybe since June?) I have saved up all my needles and syringes (and a few of the med vials) in order to share another unique perspective on my PAL journey. If I had saved all of them since I started doing injections in late August 2010, all four of my children (THAT is am amazing phrase right there…) could be surrounded by a fort made out of them. Not joking.

But this is what a couple months looks like. Just the injection stuff though. This doesn’t include the 1/4 cup+ full of pills (medications, vitamins, supplements, probiotics) that I took every day.

This is to show a portion, a perspective, on a specific labor of love – just a small glimpse. I want my children to always know how desperately loved they are, how incredibly wanted they are, and how I would give anything (including my own life-blood) for them.

DSC_0237 DSC_0252

DSC_0243 DSC_0263

3 Replies to “Another PAL Perspective”

  1. Oh, wow…. that REALLY puts into perspective! You are an amazing mother! Hugs, my friend.

  2. Your son is absolutely precious and the photos brought tears to my eyes. I am so thrilled for your family.

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