Friday January 9, 2009

Gabriel — I love this boy. He loves to chomp on his fingers like that, maybe it makes teething less owie. And although he is still wearing 3-6M size clothing, they’ve gotten a bit short. 🙂 You can see his ankles! Hehe. So maybe we will finally graduate to 6-9M size. 🙂

I like to tickle his neck and make him chuckle. These baby laughs are precious!

Sledding at my parents’ house. We let all the guys make the sled run, as the snow was almost waist deep and it’s hard to trudge through. They ended up making a path using snowshoes. 🙂

Family picture — my brother/his wife/their twins in the womb — us — my parents — my grandparents.

The guys all working to remove snow from the roof — they worked for about eighteen hours over the weekend on our house and my brother’s house. Total, they moved approximately 40 tons (yes, I typed that correctly) of snow off the roofs! Yikes. Thankfully they got it off before our homes caved in. Many others around us were not so fortunate.

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  1. He’s growing up!
    That’s a neat black and white pic of you and Gabriel together there.
    You have a LOT of snow!! Wowee; we have practically none compared to that. How did you figure out how much snow the guys shoveled off the roofs? A few years ago, we had to shovel the snow off our house because we were afraid it might do some damage. It was a wetter snow too.
    It looks like you’re having some fun with it though. That’s terrible about some houses collapsing because of it though. I heard that some parts of upper Oregon and Washington were flooding now. It’s warmed up a lot here and almost spring like.

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