Friday January 9, 2009

hey, Laura, are you still out there?? 🙂

EDIT: yes you. 🙂 just wondering if you were okay and how all is. maybe this is a sign that you should UPDATE YOUR BLOG. hehe.

EDIT #2: okay then. how about a photo post? belly shot, anyone?? 🙂
glad to know you are well. just want you to know that you are thought of & missed in blog-land. 🙂

FINAL EDIT: thank you, thank you, thank you. Loved the post and especially the pictures! SO CUTE. and since I can’t comment on your wordpress account, take this as my comment there: “adorable and just in time! I  had been going through withdrawal — don’t let it happen again, haha.” 😉

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  1. haha! I know I should! I’m just so…bored with blogging. I much prefer reading everyone else’s. 🙂 My posts this days would probably be something like : “getting fat.” “baby huge.” “craving pickles.” “gurgle gurgle incoherent babble.” “baby eating brain cells.” “need to workout.” “toddler talks a lot.” “craving chocolate.”
    That’s about it. 🙂 But your little man is so cute! I love seeing pictures! 🙂

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