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Who knew that one of the biggest pieces of encouragement regarding our homeschooling would come from my 80-something year old grandma? This woman, who has seen multiple generations both before her and after her, is a faithful woman and beautiful example of joy. I have taken to calling her once a week or so, because I know that before I know it, she will be beyond the reach of a phone call… and I want to take advantage of these conversations while I can. She prays for us, she loves us, she wants to know about us, she wants to be a listening ear, she wants to offer wisdom. And as she has come alongside me in my efforts to educate my children in a diligent, loving, Christian environment, she empathizes, prays, listens, and blesses.

Included in a beautiful card she recently sent me was a hard copy of this article. And while it contains many things my parents have repeatedly already told me, there was something so beautiful about receiving this in a written form from my precious grandma that brought me to tears.

What a joy it is to have faithful generations who have gone before me, and who love to encourage me in my trenches! And what a joy to be raising another generation myself, who I get to love and encourage from the trenches. Thanks be to God!

I love educating these precious little saints, with the challenges and joys that each day brings. May the Lord give me the eyes to see His new mercies each day as we seek to educate and encourage these wee redheads for the glory of God and the furtherance of His Kingdom on earth.

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  1. Your grandmother sounds so sweet and encouraging! May God Bless her immensely for all she is and does in your lives and the lives of your sweet children.
    I’m thankful that my parents chose to home-school us and thankful that they chose a less-traveled road; what wonderful blessings have come from their following God’s leading. 🙂

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