Monday February 22, 2010

I wish I knew how to say “birthday party” in Chinese, lol. 🙂
My family party was yesterday after church at my parents’ house. We had a really nice time, and my mother went completely all out (what else is new?!) with food and decorations and making me feel totally 100% special.

Kids playing!

Food preparations underway – complete with two woks!
Beautiful, detailed, themed table setting! Completely black, red, white, and gold. With paper lanterns, an ivory dragon my dad got in Chinatown as a kid, chopsticks (and chopstick rests), authentic teapot & cups, etc…
Time to feast!!! The menu included pork fried rice, chow mein, bbq pork buns, potstickers, lemon chicken, sweet & sour pork, and jasmine green tea – all completely from scratch!! Super delicious & amazing.

Hannah just eating a piece of rice with chopsticks 🙂

Gabriel has an intense infatuation with buckles right now. 🙂

Noah was napping, but Gabriel & Hannah helped me open gifts. 🙂

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, I asked for chocolate mousse (not very in-theme with my requested Chinese meal….). It was delicious! Topped with chocolate-dipped fortune cookies sprinkled with red & black sugar. And served in a generations-old crystal dish.

Gabriel helping me blow out my candle. 🙂

Cute family!

Okay, okay… I mentioned that “I don’t believe in fortune cookies” right before I cracked this one open. Niiiiice, right? 🙂 Then Steven piped up, “But we believe God providentially ordained for you to get that fortune!” lol.

5 Replies to “Monday February 22, 2010”

  1. Happy Birthday, dear friend! What a wonderful party and such delicious looking food. I don’t believe in fortunes or luck either, but in God’s works of providence! (What a great message in that cookie!)


    It looks absolutely delicious!! Making my mouth water right now and I just had breakfast =D

    Your Mom is an amazing cook not to mention an amazing mother! 🙂 What a blessing! The mousse looks delicious too.

    Your whole family is so sweet and loving and generous and… well, I just think it’s awesome! 

    And that fortune cookie. Hmm, I don’t believe in ‘luck’ persay either but maybe God is sending you a message! I certainly pray so.

    Lots of love and *hugs*


  3. Happy 26th Melissa!! Looks like your birthday was very special and fun with family. Your Mom looks like an excellent cook! 

    The fortune cookie was priceless. I hope you saved it 🙂 

  4. Aww… so beautiful and special. How wonderful. Happy Birthday!!
    All of these photos are great; I especially love the one of Gabriel digging in with chop sticks! (:I fed Sherise with chopsticks recently, but didn’t even think of letting her try them out herself…. that is just so cute!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Melissa!  The food looks amazing… and of course I read this post when I was going through one of my major Chinese food cravings.  🙂  I love the decorations too, what a special birthday!

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