Thursday February 25, 2010

My friend Jana gave me a copy of Amy Carmichael’s poetry in the book, “Toward Jerusalem” recently. I have been slowly reading my way through the pages; praying them to God, singing them to myself. I may continue to occasionally share particular excerpts with you. They are jewels.

My Quietness
O Thou who art my quietness, my deep repose,
My rest from strife of tongues, my holy hill,
Fair is Thy pavilion, where I hold me still.

Back let them fall from me, my clamorous foes,
Confusions multiplied;
From crowding things of sense I flee,
And in Thee hide.
Until this tyranny be overpast,
Thy hand will hold me fast.

What though the tumult of the storm increase,
Grand to Thy servant strength, O Lord,
And bless with peace.

O God, renew us in Thy love today;
For our tomorrow we have not a care;
Who blessed our yesterday
Will meet us there.

But our today is all athirst for Thee.
Come in the stillness, O Thou heavenly Dew;
Come Thou to us — to me —
Revive, renew.

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