Monday July 21, 2008

Just a few quick pix for everyone!
Steven is using the brand new baby carrier that arrived this afternoon. It’s a Babyhawk mei tai carrier and he loves it already! I don’t think I’ll get to try it out until tomorrow. 🙂

Gabriel got his passport in the mail this week! So now he’s ready to travel the world!!

I recently stitched Gabriel’s arrow tag. Each time God blesses my womb, we add an arrow to the quiver on Steven’s study wall. Last summer I stitched Covenant Hope an arrow tag, and this summer I stitched Gabriel David his tag. Pretty nifty!

This weekend, we left Gabriel for five hours in the afternoon while we went to a glorious wedding! It was a wonderful time of celebration — and it was fun to get out on a “fancy date” of sorts. 🙂 And yes, Gabriel did wonderfully in his grandparents’ care. 🙂 He even took his very first bottle!

3 Replies to “Monday July 21, 2008”

  1. AW!!!!! What a great idea with the arrow tags! I love that Scriptural reference,it’s in Psalms, right? I can’t remember for sure lol

  2. That carrier is very cool looking! I really like the arrows idea….great job on them!
    Gabriel’s face is looking more grown up now. 😉 hard to say who he looks like thought.

  3. Gabriel is so cute! And he’s growing so big! Isn’t fun yet odd the first time you leave your baby at home? Ryan and I left Evan with my mom so we could go to a wedding as well and I felt like something was missing the entire evening. Anyway, I hope all is well and we’ll be praying for your friend’s little girl. Take care!

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