Our Little Artist

Last week Gabriel and I did a special art project one day, producing a piece of artwork for his bedroom as well as one for a gift for Grandpapa’s birthday. Here is a little glimpse into the fun that we had together and the beautiful results!

First we set up the kitchen, using an old shower curtain for a drop cloth. I had bought canvasses at Michael’s cheaply using 50% coupons, and a cheap set of 3 brushes (plus another tiny one we already had), and about 8 different colors of acrylic paints that were about 70 cents each; I used paper plates (styrofoam actually) for palettes, and washed them (and the brushes) between each color. Gabriel wore an old t-shirt of his daddy’s.

Gabriel painted in layers, one color at a time, and we used the hair dryer in between each one to dry them up.

We got to practice our colors, as well as listening to directions. 🙂

Gabriel signed the back of the canvasses.

I used an oil paint Sharpie to write Scriptures on them (and tried to be as artistic as my son had been!).
Psalm 147:1 & 3 on Grandpapa’s ~ we thought it was great for him as a doctor talking about brokenness & healing.
Exodus 15:2 on Gabriel’s ~ we thought this was perfect because Gabriel’s name means “the Lord is my strength” and the description of praising & exalting the God of his fathers perfectly suits our little boy.

Giving Grandpapa his birthday gift!

And we hung Gabriel’s on his bedroom wall above his bed.

12 Replies to “Our Little Artist”

  1. What a fantastic idea! Wow! they all turned out really great, Melissa! The best part of the blog post, though, is Gabriel’s enthusiastic grin for Mommy. 🙂

  2. Great job Gabriel, you made 2 masterpieces! and your grandpa looks sooo happy with what you gave him! Love the Scripture verses too, so meaningful and special. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. I love this idea, Melissa!! I’m going to try this with the girls – they love getting their hands dirty with paint 🙂 What a special gift for Grandpa. I bet it will be a gift he’ll cherish forever.

  4. What a beautiful idea! For some reason this post brought tears to my eyes. Seeing his face light up and then being able to give that precious special gift to his grandpa! The delight on his face is priceless!

  5. Looks like he had a blast. 🙂 I love how he and your dad look so pleased together!!
    Also, I think Gabriel looks like his Daddy more as he gets older.

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