real time

I think about how valuable it is to live the life in front of you,
regardless of how tempting it is
to press your face to the glass of other people’s lives online,
even though doing that is
so much safer and so entirely addictive.
~Shauna Niequist, Bread & Wine, p201~


I know that this moment, the one I am currently in right now,
will become my past,
but seldom do I treat these precious minutes as I should.
I often fail to realize that if I use these mundane, ordinary passing seconds
engaging in something that matters,
they will eventually add up to a past that mattered.
For it is in the everyday moments, doing routine activities,
that we create the past.
~Rachel Macy Stafford, Hands Free Mama, p74~


Write a novel in real time, without a glance back over your shoulder.
Shape children in real time, without a glance back.
This is terrifying.
~N.D. Wilson, Death by Living, p165~

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  1. Looks like you all are getting some snow up there! 🙂 I wish that I could come up and play in it with you!

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