Tea for Two: a birthday tea party


Ever since I can remember, I dreamed about having a daughter and celebrating her second birthday with a “tea for two” theme. Well, dreams (especially the silly little ones) sometimes come true. :) And I try to remind myself that the way God plans my dreams are better than the way I would plan them. It was a sweet time of celebration, and a special way to honor our little princess. Decked out in a poofy dress (she picked her outfit herself), three necklaces and four bracelets, this little girl drank lots of tea from her new porcelain tea set and enjoyed eating and playing with people she loves. While the kids were decked out in dainty & dapper duds, nobody had tea party hats! So our first activity was a craft for decorating hats. The boys got fedoras we picked up at the Dollar Store, and they decorated them with a little washi tape & fabric leaves. So handsome. The girls used ribbons, boas, fabric flowers, & washi tape to decorate their hats ~ the bases of which were Dollar Store plastic plates & bowls that my dad cut & I glued together. Fun times! We enjoyed afternoon tea next: chocolate mint rooibos tea (with plenty of sugar cubes), hot chocolate, scones (gluten free!) with whipped cream & strawberry jam, mini quiches (I didn’t use a recipe, but winging it worked just fine ~ even the GF version was delicious!), fresh strawberries, tea sandwiches (grilled cheese & pbj), teapot shaped sugar cookies, pink sugar wafer cookies. Everyone got to use antique silverware, porcelain teacups, and spectacular paper plates that looked like pretty china. Then to make the children even more dainty & dapper, the boys got real pocket watches and the girls got pearl necklaces (I love that gaudy costume jewelry is “in” again!). Next came a couple little games: a teabag toss game, and sugar cube relay. I love that little kids can have all kinds of giggly, emphatic fun even with lame games. Haha! Then Evangeline opened her birthday presents, and we had mini chocolate cupcakes (gluten free but packed with deliciousness) with sparkly pink frosting on top. She blew out her candle like a pro, and I made a wish on her behalf. ;)


And yes, this is what we did while the rest of the world watched the Super Bowl. That’s what we get for having a daughter born on Super Bowl Sunday two years ago! 🙂


3 Replies to “Tea for Two: a birthday tea party”

  1. This party sounds like WAY more fun than the Super Bowl anyway! 😉
    I love how creative you are with the parties you plan for your children. Everything looks so yummy and the birthday girl is so sweet.
    Happy 2nd Birthday to Evangeline Joy!!

  2. Happy Birthday Evangeline! 🙂 I remember when you were born, not so very long ago. Two years goes so fast, doesn’t it Melissa? 🙂

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