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Since last fall, I have been a product reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and I was just sent a link to a free issue that I am able to share with you all!

Click here, share it around, and see if you can spot me in there (twice). 🙂

We have sincerely been enjoying the products I’ve received over these months, and it is such a fun outlet for me to write reviews on everything. As Gabriel (and siblings, as the Lord sees fit) grows and matures over time, I am looking forward to trying new things, and being able to pull out previous products that he’s been too young for as of yet.

Gabriel’s current favorites (not for the magazine though) for his purposed/intentional learning are these flash cards, and he is super excited about his new workbook (which apparently doesn’t exist because every way, including ISBN number, that I have tried searching for it online, there is “no criteria found” – hah! We got it from Costco, and I know it exists).

Some favorite things we’ve gotten for the magazine are ABC Bible Memory Verse Songs, four sets of Teach + Play Tiles Wooden Flash Cards, a study through Proverbs, and a learning to read series of Little Books ~ just to name a few.

So click over to enjoy the free issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: may it bless you, and may it urge all of us on toward God-honoring education.

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  1. We have gotten The Old Schoolhouse magazine before and I love it!!
    It is chock full of wonderful articles, information and tools for learning 🙂

  2. I picked up those flashcards but the ones with adding, subtracting, etc. I look forward to using them in time.

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