Thursday August 20, 2009

The four little towheads we enjoyed babysitting last week. 🙂

Swinging on Grandmama’s porch! Gabriel’s favorite. 🙂

A drive-by photography shooting, lol. I snapped this as I drove home from my mom’s.
A Jamie Soles song was playing at that very moment with the lyrics “I have set My bow in the clouds….” about the covenant with Noah. So cool. 🙂

Grandpapa got this miniature fully-functioning vacuum for Gabriel. He loves it! Although it’s slightly heavy for him and gets him off-balance, so we help him as he does his housework chores. 😉

Wildflowers from the side yard.

Playing with Uncle Chris and Aunt Beth who are visiting from the East Coast.

We went on a double date to a fondue restaurant and had the best time!!

We got two different types of cheese fondue.

My drink: a strawberry basil lemonade, made with Smirnoff.

This dessert deserves one word. Scrumptious!

We were dipping oreo covered marshmallows in the chocolate. Mmmmm.

Me and my sweetie

I made meals for some families at church yesterday, and really enjoyed trying to make them beautiful as well as tasty. Like Edith Schaeffer’s “hidden art” principles. 🙂 Each meal included grilled chicken (marinated in lemon juice, garlic, white wine vinegar, oil, and four herbs from my garden), twice baked potatoes, sauteed squash from my garden, freshly baked honey-oat-whole-wheat bread, tayberry jam (we made it last fall), and a plate of fresh blackberry bars. We’re hoping everyone’s bellies were filled and tastebuds had a little party. 🙂

We went to a beautiful park nearby yesterday.

I love these pics of Gabriel with Aunt Beth!

Look how big my boy is!! Fifteen months this weekend. It’s crazy.
I love how he’s running for me in this picture. He does this a lot. 🙂

Mommy helped Gabriel enjoy some splashes from a big fountain. It cooled us off in the heat.

4 Replies to “Thursday August 20, 2009”

  1. Thanks for sharing all the pictures Melissa, they are great.  The one of Gabriel sitting on the stone wall made me smile, that smile of his must get you all the time!  And I always love seeing Mommy/child pictures. 

  2. The “towheads” are cute! The house must have been full of children’s laughter!
    Some families from your church got a special meal! You inspire me with all your yummy cooking.
    So glad that your s-i-l and her husband got to come for a visit, what fun!

  3. The towheads are definitely related; you can tell! 🙂
    And what fun to have Beth and Chris visiting and to go on outings!
    I like the ones of Aunt Beth and Gabriel; too cute!
    mmm, that fondue sounds good and so does your lemonade.
    We have Edith Schaeffer’s book ;I like it too 🙂
    How neat that Gabriel has his own vacuum; what a great idea!!
    Thanks for sharing; I really enjoyed all the photos.


  4. he is such a cute boy! I didn’t realize he’s walking, but then its no surprise when I remembered he’s already ONE YEAR !! 🙂 

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