Thursday December 18, 2008

…going to WalMart yesterday for a couple things, most importantly, peppermint extract… just to find out that there is only ONE bottle left and it is waaaaay back on the top shelf, laying down… so a tall gentleman worker reached it for me and I emphatically said THANKS & gave it to Gabriel to hold while I looked for bagel chips… but of course they are not carrying bagel chips currently… so I go to the check-out counter to find that the peppermint extract has disappeared!… so I put all my things back in the cart and truck around the entire grocery section again to find where Gabriel dropped it… to no avail… asked some other worker… no help… checked out sans peppermint extract, with hopes of Safeway coming through… drive to Safeway, get myself & the baby out into the heavily falling snow and “skate” across the icy parking lot… to find that they too are OUT of peppermint extract!!

My next endeavor? To find the perpetrator that has bought up all the peppermint extract in my county. 😉
And in the meanwhile, I settled with Mint Extract to make my chocolate-mint cookies.

The End.

One Reply to “Thursday December 18, 2008”

  1.  I can imagine your frustration about the peppermint extract. But at least you did have plain mint extract. 🙂
    I guess everyone wants it for the holidays!
    But your post office visit sounds more frustrating.. I hope you were able to get that
    package sent out after all though.
    Brr, it’s freezing there!! It’s only been in the 20’s and 30’s here. Relatively warm 😉

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