Thursday December 18, 2008

So…. our entire county is practically snowed in. Woo hoo! It’s awesome. Unprecedented and gorgeous. 🙂 Thankfully Steven can work from home, so he was blessed not to have to take the last 2 1/2 days of the workweek unpaid. Praise the Lord! And it gave me lots of time to finish up all my Christmas baking! Today I just did a double batch of cookies plus four kinds of breads (whole wheat, pretzel white, banana, & gingerbread), after yesterday doing two kinds of cookies and another day doing three kinds of cookies. Yay for being done a week before Christmas!! I also got all of our gifts wrapped and under the tree. So pretty!
And today we went on a Family Outing in the knee-deep snow: we delivered plates of Christmas cookies to our neighbors. We knew they’d be home,  since no one is really leaving their homes at all. 🙂 We have 27 inches right now, with more in the forecast. So pretty!! I loves it muchly. 🙂 And it’s been super fun trying to introduce Gabriel to his first big snow.

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  1. Loved the pics- you certainly have a lot of snow there!
    That’s great that Steven can work from home!
    Mmm, all those baked goods are making me hungry 😉
    How did Gabriel like the snow?

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