Thursday September 24, 2009

The flower boxes on my porch are still full of beautiful blooms! I love it.

My morning glories have truly brightened up my summer. Most of them have been bright blue and white, but just this week we got some pink & purple glories! This one was all wilty by the time I snapped a picture, but it sure was pretty. 🙂

Some of the bulbs Steven planted a few months ago are blooming beautifully too.

Since we’ve been having an Indian summer, I have over a dozen tomatoes that are almost red enough to pick now! Here are a few of varying shades of “ripening.” 🙂

My pumpkins are continuing to do really well. I lose track counting them… it’s somewhere between 15 and 20. 🙂 This is one of my favorites, I think it’s just beautiful.

My mother planted a bunch of sunflowers in my garden for me; they are so cheery and delightful. Gorgeous blooms. I think I am going to pick some tomorrow to put on my table. The bees and ladybugs love the sunflowers too. 🙂

My Gabriel boy got his first bulldozer ride this last weekend! He was a little wary at first, but seemed to enjoy the fun once he got going. He can’t wait to move out to the country and be a true country boy. 🙂

Then Steven got a lesson in dozer driving. 🙂

And Gabriel got a work out, walking back up the hill to Grandmama’s house. He’s fairly insistent on not holding my hand these days, too. Boo. I can tell he’s thinking, “no, Mama, let me do it myself. I’m a big boy now!”

He also simply loves rolling down grassy hills now. He reaches his arms above his head, squints his eyes, and rolls. It’s precious. But hard to capture in a photograph.

Gabriel loves playing in our backyard. His favorite things to play with? Mommy, Dilly, and the cement “step”. He’s hilarious.

And a not-so-hot picture with Mommy… but I love my boy sooooooo much, that I don’t even care anymore. 🙂

3 Replies to “Thursday September 24, 2009”

  1. It looks like fall at your house!! I loved those flower pictures and the tomatoes on the vine. Also, that last picture of you two is just adorable. His face is SO cute!! 

  2. Gotta LOVE the country!! 🙂
    I sure do!
    Your boy is so cute in those photos…
    and those flowers are gorgeous!! stunning!!
    Have you heard of Monet sunflowers? they are all sorts of beautiful colors, I should send you some seeds!
    That’s one big dozer, fun! 🙂
    We’re having an Indian summer/autumn too.
    love ya,

  3. No, I haven’t heard of Monet sunflowers. Sounds fun! 🙂 I am going to try harvesting some sunflower seeds this year, but I’ve never done it before so we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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