Thursday September 24, 2009

This morning I went to the “first installment” of one of the new book studies I have joined this fall. Ironically, both of the book studies started today — but they both meet at the same time! So since one is weekly and one is monthly, I am able to do both, I’ll just simply miss one meeting a month of the weekly one. So anyway… this first one is led by the mother of one of my dear friends. It’s a group of about ten ladies of various ages, backgrounds, and positions. The idea was to have some older women and some younger women, to work on emulating the principles in Titus 2. What a great idea, right? 🙂

The book we are studying is actually a “study course,” complete with textbook and workbook. It feels like something I may have encountered during my college days. It is called Five Aspects of Woman. It seems simple enough in concept, but once the thoughts get provoked and the discussion gets started, there really are so many ways it could spin off! The book is supposed to be teaching a lens through which to look, not steps in a how-to course. Looking through the entirety of Scripture, the author made five main categories which describe/define biblical femininity: Mistress of the Domain, Helper-Completer, Lifegiver, Lady of Wisdom, Glory of Man.
Today we discussed the introduction to the rest of the study, and the next three meetings will be focused on the aspect of “Mistress of the Domain.”

There are so many intriguing things that have come to mind already with beginning this study:

What does Scripture teach about women and femininity? How does it relate to women of all generations and all cultures?
How is God’s plan of biblical femininity different from the original created woman (Eden’s Eve), with sin (for 100% of women) and redemption (for God’s chosen women)?
How should we view ourselves as women of God? How should we view women in general? How should we view heathen women?
In Eden, God called the woman to take dominion alongside her husband — what practical ways can we (should we) be doing that? How do we take dominion of our own God-given domain, and how do we appropriately help our husbands as they take dominion in their domain?
How does my femininity complement and complete my husband’s masculinity?
Besides bearing and raising children, in what other ways can I serve in life-giving roles?
In what ways can I grow in being a lady of wisdom? How does this look in day-to-day living? If Lady Wisdom of Proverbs 1-9 was God’s helper and companion in creation, how do I emulate that in my relationship with my husband?
How can I be the most glorious crown for my husband? I know that I am my husband’s crown & glory, so how do I embrace that reality and make it more beautiful and more evident?
How do we, as the Bride of Christ, crown and show glory to God our Husband?

The main Scriptures for the study (although there are lots more scattered here and there — Proverbs 31, Ephesians 5, Song of Solomon, Psalm 45, Revelation…) are Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Genesis 3, Proverbs 1-9, and 1 Corinthians 11.

So at any rate, I will try to update occasionally (monthly, I guess, since that’s how often the book study will meet) on the discussions, and if I locate answers to any of my questions or if I come up with new questions… 🙂 You know, all that good thought-provoking stuff.

I’m really excited that this course will help tie together some of the recent books I have read, as well as another one or two that I have yet to read. This is a list of the books that I’ve read/want to read that would make great supplemental material to this study:
Passionate Housewives Desperate For God
The Hidden Art of Homemaking
Keeping House
Womanly Dominion
Created to be His Helpmeet
The Fruit of Her Hands
Building Her House
Praise Her in the Gates
Standing on the Promises
The Essence of Femininity (essay)

In addition, Mrs. Wilson has an excellent storehouse of articles on her blog that would correspond beautifully with some of the sections in this book. I was already exploring her archive to find some great snippets. You know, for supplemental supplements. lol. 🙂

Also… of course a woman’s book study must be accompanied by something delicious to eat! So I got to bring the treats for this morning — I always volunteer to cook or bake, if I possibly can! 🙂 I’m actually sipping tea and eating a leftover chocolate chip scone right now. It’s delectable. You simply must try the recipe for yourself. I actually made some cream scones (Gabriel is having one right now with a sippy cup full of cold milk) with fresh peach jam, too — but I am always such a sucker for chocolate. Hehe. 🙂

So are you in any book studies or Bible studies this fall??? I’d love to hear what you’re studying and learning, too!

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  1. I am not but I will enjoy reading the little snippets you share and while I have read some of those books on the list, I will see about acquiring and reading some of the others.


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