Tuesday January 26, 2010

Affliction is God striking us,
but only as the goldsmith pounds the gold,
or as the concert pianist hits the keys.”

“If the metal of a blacksmith being hammered into shape had the pain receptors that humans have,
it would not be silent every time the powerful tool crushes it on the anvil.
It would cry out every time.
It would beg to be delivered.
It would be confused.
The fire would would have been an unendurable pain,
and the hypothermia plunge into the cold water have nearly killed it,
but it would still be worked over again by the powerful and knowing blows of the Craftsman.
It may be too much right now to see the pattern you are being conformed to,
but He always works by one.”

~quotes from my friend Roberta, approximately quoting her pastor Douglas Wilson; emphases mine

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