Monday January 25, 2010

We have had an incredibly warm winter. In fact,  it feels like we went straight from summer to spring this year, since we were jipped on autumn too. Hm, strange.
But anyway, we finally got another skiff of snow this morning! It was probably only our third or fourth snow this season, and it’s already melting completely away at not even 1pm. So much for that. Will we ever get a sledding day this year?? Hmm, maybe not.
But it was lovely. I miss snow. I wish we’d get more of it. Although my darling husband doesn’t really miss the shoveling escapades we endured last year, lol.

I’ve been waiting for some more snowfall here so I could share these inspired words with you, again from N.D. Wilson’s “Tilt-A-Whirl“:

Snow is so overused. One sentimental, overly structured ice flake might have some value. But God never seems capable of moderation or of understanding the basic concepts behind supply and demand. He constantly devalues His own products. (p 9)


We all know that each flake is different and unique, because we’ve all been to preschool. Each one is beautiful, yeah, yeah, we know that too. But how can we possibly value these things when their Maker slings them around like so much trash? Actually, I’ve never seen anyone sling this much trash. Doesn’t He realize that people will curse this tomorrow? That they’ll shovel it and salt it and SUV it into gray slop? Does He know that my daughters are going to roll in it, melting thousands of flakes with their flushed cheeks and tens of thousands with their tongues?

Dogs are going to pee on this stuff in the morning. (p 11)

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  1. We got dumped on from Tuesday to Sunday! Wet soppy snow, dry snow, wet snow, dry snow. And now it’s freezing at night 😉
    Over all, we ended up with about a foot.
    We are very joyous that Mt. Shasta got MUCH more than that with over 12 feet! Woohoo! Ski day on Friday (we had planned to go last Friday but alas the power was out for 5 days!)
    It was also very windy on and off.

    But it’s not been super cold; not since Dec anyway.
    I hope you get the snow you’re hoping for 🙂
    It’s fun, in some aspects, anyway.

    I love the quotes you shared; cute, fun, interesting and educational! 😉


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