Tuesday September 15, 2009

“Psalm 16:5 is one of my life verses now. ‘Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup and have made my lot secure.’ My ‘lot’ is what happens to me—my share of that which comes by the will of the Power that rules my destiny. My lot includes the circumstances of my birth, my upbringing, my job, my hardships, the people I work with, my marital status, hindrances, obstacles, accidents, and opportunities. Everything constitutes my lot. Nothing excepted. If I can accept that fact at every turn in the road, I have indeed stepped into His everlasting arms even more securely, and there I will find peace and joy…

Our major problems of acceptance and trust usually have to do with timing, because God’s timetable is always different from ours. He wants me to wait in order to believe, in order to learn to put my faith in His timing.

~Elisabeth Elliot, Be Still My Soul

thanks for the book suggestion, Jaclynn! I think I will try to find a copy of this soon! I love the above quote. (((hugs)))

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  1. You are welcome. I need to put that verse somewhere where I can see it every day. In Acceptance Lieth Peace, I am finding. Hard to swallow sometimes but true.
    You might try paperbackswap.com for a copy. I’ve  collected a few of E.E.’s books that way.

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