Sunday September 13, 2009

“Therefore, in everything let your requests be made known unto God. The kind of prayer that saves us from care is prayer that is repeated—“In everything, by prayer and supplication.” Pray to God and then pray again—“by prayer and supplication.” If the Lord does not answer you the first time, be very grateful that you have a good reason for praying again! If He does not grant your request the second time, believe that He loves you so much that He wants to hear your voice again! And if He keeps you waiting till you have gone to Him seven times, say to yourself, “Now I know that I worship the God of Elijah, for Elijah’s God let him go, again, seven times before the blessing was given.” Count it an honor to be permitted to wrestle with the Angel of God! This is the way God makes His princes! Jacob had never been Israel if he had obtained the blessing from the Angel at the first asking—but when he had to keep on wrestling till he prevailed, then he became a prince with God! The prayer that kills care is prayer that is continued and importunate.”

~C.H. Spurgeon

given to me by my daddy, who found it in this treasure trove

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