Wednesday January 21, 2009

L: two puppies (haha) looking out our front window.
R: the blue-eyed puppy dog looking very mischievous.

L: he loves to stand by the couch!
R: at the airport, saying goodbye to Grandmama, as we left for a trip to the east coast.

L: the 3 of us — ready to fly away!
R: taking a bath in Grandma Deb’s new sink. 🙂

L: playing on Aunt Beth’s lap with Uncle Chris’s keys 🙂
R: cuddling with Grandma Deb.

L: dinner at my sister-in-laws house.
R: Gabriel loved watching Uncle Chris’s fish tank!

L: I like this sepia picture of my boy gnawing on his toy.
R: Grandma Deb was changing him and playing tickle-games. 🙂

L: Gabriel watched Baby Mozart on Aunt Beth’s tv. Oooooooh.
R: Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Uncle Drew with Gabriel David & his trusty spoon.

L: paternal family photo
R: making Southern Snow Cream 😉

L: we went on a walk today… see Gabriel & me in front of the house? and did I mention that snow follows us everywhere — even to eastern North Carolina!! School’s been canceled the last 2 days due to these 2 inches of snow — that should tell you just how unusual this is. 🙂
R: self-portrait on our walk in “all” the snow. 🙂

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  1. Cute Gabriel 🙂 Fun pics…. hehe about the snow following you everywhere 🙂 It looks like you are all having a great time there and I’m sure Steven’s side of the family is enjoying the time with you all immensely.

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