Wednesday September 2, 2009

My sweet, sweet hubby popped in a movie for us to watch on the laptop last night… What was it?, you ask.
Anne of Green Gables. I remember when I used to have the entire thing memorized, practically word for word. I soaked it all in, and enjoyed every scene, every landscape, every outfit, every clever line, every beautiful home.
Have I mentioned lately how positively incredible my husband is?? I am one of those women who wants to get a t-shirt claiming that I have the best husband in the world. But you know, then I am sure I would get into a quarrel with someone sooner or later and it just wouldn’t be pretty. Because I would have to win. Just have to. 🙂 My husband is so loving and attentive, caring and diligent, purposeful and understanding, strong and tender. He leads me, he supports me, he prays for me and with me. God is so kind.

**happy sigh**

My silly, silly little son went to the library with his mommy this morning and was so happy picking out five books to bring home to enjoy later. We even ran into & visited with two ladies (one from church, one from Steven’s office) that we knew. But then it happened. We had to check out at the library. And of course they like you to do “self check-out” these days. But unfortunately, my silly, silly little son is terrified of the receipt printer.

Maybe you can imagine the terror involved for the poor little boy. The full-body trembling. The fingernails digging into Mommy’s neck. The screaming. The wide eyes and fat tears.
Let’s just say I will never be doing self-check-out at the library again. Probably ever.

**tired sigh**

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  1. Well, from what I’ve heard and “seen”… I do have to say that your husband is pretty awesome!! How thankful I am that He has blessed one of my sweet friends with such a wonderful, Godly guy! It always makes me rejoice when I hear or see another one of my friends getting married and starting a family and seeing how God brought them both together. He certainly has blessed you both!

    Poor Gabriel and the monstrous receipt printer! 😉 It does sound like it was rather terrifying for him tho. 🙁

    Love ya,

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