Friday October 3, 2008

So here are pictures from the Mediterranean, except for Venice of course which I already posted. 🙂 I hope you enjoy these! Unfortunately, this computer uploaded them in reverse order… so it’s not exactly the way we saw things — in fact, it’s completely the reverse! 🙂

the sky and some pretty buildings in Dubrovnik, Croatia

the coastline of Croatia where our ship dropped anchor

I love European pizza! and this one from Dubrovnik was no exception.

this is supposedly the third oldest pharmacy in Europe that is still functioning — since the 14th century.

my husband Steven standing in Dubrovnik

me, Gabriel, and Ashley sitting on some gorgeous piece of history in Croatia

this is our waiter Mustafa, from our cruise ship — and a yummy Baked Alaska

there was a White Night on the ship, with a party on deck, everyone wearing white, etc. — beautiful!!

in Athens we had some wonderful Greek food — here I am with my genuine gyros!

hehe, my Greek-geek husband loved seeing things like this at the Acropolis

here we are with the Parthenon, at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

I love this picture of Fira on the island of Santorini in Greece

a view of the sea from the island of Santorini, Greece

Steven in Pompei

I was astounded by the awesome stuff at Pompei! Colin and Ashley are here in Pompei, with Mt. Visuvius

near Sorrento, Italy, we went to a private farm to taste fresh tomatoes and olives, limoncello, wine, and handmade mozzarella — then a very sweet Italian lady showed us how she made the mozzarella!

aw, it’s us in the Colloseum!

the Colloseum in Rome

Steven in the Vatican Museum, in Rome

family picture with the tower!

my very super strong husband

yup, it’s us in Pisa, Italy — see the tower?

our first port was here, in Villefranche, France

me and my Gabriel David in France, with toes in the Mediterranean Sea

the first formal night on the cruise ship

Gabriel came with me and my mom to High Tea on the ship one day

I love cruising! and I love the gorgeous views from the deck, like this one of Barcelona

this is when we had awesome sangria and traditional tapas for dinner in Barcelona

enjoying some quiet sitting on the edge of the sea in Barcelona — Colin, Ashley, me, Gabriel, Steven

our first stop (after almost three days of flying and layovers) was Barcelona, Spain!

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